Corporate Responsibility

As we strive to reach our business goals, we’ll not forget the corporate responsibility of adhering to the values we best believe will gain our society and environment.

Our due diligence account on Corporate Responsibility on Human Rights for 2022 is available now.

If you wish to review our Code of Conduct, you will find it here.

Our 2023 Annual Review and Corporate Responsibility Report is available now.

Bunkers is ISO-certified according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

In May 2024, Bergen Bunkers was certified according to ISCC EU and ISCC Plus.

We will ensure that our employees, customers  and suppliers can report concerns regarding potential breaches of the requirements in our Code of Conduct.

Any concerns regarding breach(es) of any of the subjects mentioned in the CoC should be notified to All concerns will be handled seriously, treated confidentially and the whistleblower’s identity will be protected. Only Bergen Bunkers’ CEO and CFO has access to this e-mail address.